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"As CEO of Dion Training, selling our business was a monumental task, but James and the Tuck Advisors team made it seamless. Their attention to detail, strategic insight, and vast network turned a complex process into a journey of growth and success. Their 24/7 availability, coupled with a genuine interest in our business, led to our company's successful acquisition by a top-tier firm. Tuck Advisors are not just M&A advisors, they're committed partners who navigate you through the sale and ensure the best possible outcome. I unequivocally recommend them for any CEO contemplating a sale.” 

- Jason, CEO, sell-side client 

“We've engaged Tuck Advisors for the past three years to help our $100 million education company acquire tuck-in acquisitions. They have sourced 1500+ targets for us and sent over 10,000 emails on our behalf -- all "by hand" (not some automated campaign). We have closed several transactions thanks to them and have several other companies under LOI. Their work has been transformative to our business and we recommend them highly -- they've been a wonderful partner and thought leader for us.”

- Steve, CFO, buy-side client

"After a very long due diligence process, we just completed the sale of our company to a London-based firm. Frankly, I don't believe we would have made it past the finish line without James and his team. His vast deal experience guided every aspect of the sale and always kept us moving forward regardless of what obstacle popped up--and there were many. No detail--however small--gets by him. I don't know how he does it but James is pretty much on 24/7. He is incredibly responsive, almost beyond reason. I'm glad I am not married to him! Seriously, I can't imagine a better and more thoughtful advisor.” 

- John, CEO, sell-side client 

"We initially engaged Tuck Advisors for UFO™ Response. However, when that UFO flew away, we asked Tuck Advisors to help us with a global auction process. James, the firm's founder and a serial entrepreneur, told us that we weren't ready - that we needed to take certain steps to strengthen our company to make us ready to go to market and have a successful outcome. Rather than have us and his team spend energy that would result in a sub-optimal outcome, he gave us his honest opinion. We're working on our business now, to be ready to go to market next year, assuming we hit the targets James and his team have laid out."

- Alex, CEO, sell-side client 

"We have worked with James and Tuck Advisors as a buy-side M&A advisor for many years and have seen consistent value add for our team. We closed one successful acquisition through the Tuck team, and we've had a look at countless other viable acquisition targets thanks to their hard work and industry expertise. Would recommend them to anyone looking to drive growth through M&A!" 

- Liam, Director of M&A, buy-side client 

"More than just diving in deep into the particulars of our business, James and the team at Tuck have gone all in on their understanding of our market and our competitors. The result is not just a great M&A Advisory, but a strategic partner in actually growing our business!” 

- Philip, CEO, sell-side client 

“James and Tuck Advisors are the best solution for end-to-end management of your acquisition process saving you an immense amount of time and maximizing the amount of *serious* buyers that you interact with. James is incredibly well-connected and he personally made the introduction to the CEO of the publicly traded company that ended up acquiring our company.” 

- Parsa, Founder & CEO, sell-side client 

"Beyond their deep knowledge of our industry and impressive dedication and work ethic, James and his team at Tuck Advisors truly understood what was unique about our business and strategy, leading to an incredible acquisition opportunity, one that was far outside of our expectations when we began the process. Even though we did not ultimately close a transaction, the experience—and in particular, their expert guidance throughout—greatly benefited our company, and I eagerly look forward to working with them again in the future." 

- Thomas, Co-Founder, sell-side client

"Tuck Advisors was instrumental in guiding our digital marketplace company through a successful series A and eventual acquisition by a public company. We wanted a smaller firm with a more hands-on approach that would take the time to educate us as we navigated through the process - James and his team did exactly that. He is now an important advisor in our next startup!" 

- Mike, Founder, sell-side client

“James and the entire Tuck Advisors team were consummate professionals. As an ultimate buyer of a company James was representing, I found him and his team to be highly collaborative, creative and thoughtful problem solvers, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him throughout the entire deal process. I would enthusiastically recommend James and his team to any prospective seller.” 

- Patrick, buyer of a Tuck Advisors sell-side client

“Tuck Advisors has truly set the bar for both high quantity and quality searches for our $8 billion Private Equity firm! The team’s quick and thorough understanding of our objectives combined with James’ expertise/network in the education space has already resulted in a number of very attractive potential partnerships. This is only the start and we couldn’t be happier with the incredible work the Tuck team has produced!” 

- Emily, Investment Professional, buy-side client

“My co-founder and I worked closely with James and his team last year to find a strategic partner.  Bottom line up front, Tuck Advisors is a standout as it relates to M&A.  James was an amazing sherpa in preparing and coaching us through the process, he understands the complexity of deals beyond the basic deal mechanics.  We hit some unusual headwinds including leadership on both teams being unavailable due to COVID and ultimately the deal did not close for reasons beyond our control. We look forward to working with James again when the time is right for our business to exit. James has a phenomenal way of balancing the big picture with the details and providing the various types of expertise and support needed through the very complex M&A  process.”

- Melissa, Co-Founder, sell-side client

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